Our mission is to provide support to help people use their computer. Very often people get stymied by relatively simple problems. All they need is to be to call someone; someone they can trust and who won't rush them. SMI can provide such a service. Call me at 888-343-3773 for a no cost, no obligation initial consultation about your problem.

We will connnect directly to you computer, see what you see, while talking to you on the phone.

We can take control of your computer, as if we were sitting next to you, and then work to solve your problem.


We offer two basic services:

Type 1: You have a problem and you give me a call. We have not worked together before. The charge is $125 per hour, billable in 15 minutes increments. The clock starts once I connect to your system.

I will perform a basic examination of your system, verify the status of your anti-virus program (I will recommend that you consider Microsoft's Security Essentials - free), make sure your Windows software is up to date, and perhaps run some other free utilities.

I will then begin to work on correcting your problem.

Once the problem has been solved, we will disconnect.

Type 2: Three year, unlimited phone support package for $375 plus a one time charge of $125 for the purchase and installation of Rollback Rx Pro disaster recovery software. I may also convert your anti-virus program Microsoft Security Essentials. You can then call me with any computer problem (over the course of the three year term) at no furhter charge. In the event of a significant software problem, we will be utilizing Rollback Rx Pro to "rollback" your software to a point in time before the problem.

Over the past 26 years, Software Maintenance, Inc has specialized in many areas:

We have been working with Dragon Speech Recognition software since the days of DOS.

Our customers range from the professional who is seeking to reduce costs and streamline their business by using Dragon speech recognition products to a quadriplegic who is wants to be able to more easily access the bounty of the internet; and everyone in between.  Please click on the
www.dictate.com  link to be taken to our Dragon website. 

We work extensively with the Veteran’s Affairs office in providing complete computer systems, installation and training to Veteran’s who are eligible for the Independent Living Program.  Please click on the www.usvet.info link to be taken to that website.

We work extensively with the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide a wide range of services.  David Levy was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in 2006 for the services that SMI provided to one particular client of the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

We also can provide complete computer systems, installation and setup, training and unlimited phone support to private individuals of all abilities.  We specialize in working with the non-computer user.  As long as the individual is motivated we can take a someone from no computer literacy to sending e-mails and surfing the internet (generally within 12 training hours).  Our unlimited 24/7 phone support policy assures that customers do not get derailed by the inevitable questions, concerns and problems that arise from daily computer usage.

We use Rollback Pro RX from Horizon Datasys as the final line of defense.  This program is configured to take a "snapshot" of the hard drive every 6 hours for 6 days.  As long as I am called within that six day window, any problem can be undone in minutes.

David Levy has a degree in Psychology (with a minor in Drama).  This combined with over 25 years of hands on computer experience, assures that we can provide a comfortable, relaxed and low stress learning environment.  All training is done at your house on your computer, and at your speed.


To contact us:

David Levy
Software Maintenance, Inc
370 Camp Hill Rd
Fort Washington, PA 19034-2906

phone: 888-343-3773  or  215-843-2900           e-mail: David@smiweb.net    or     DFL@DDWIN.COM

Owner and Proprietor


"If we are strong, our strengh will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help". From the address Preseident Kennedy never got to deliver in Dallas, November 22, 1963

"Predictable is preventable". Gordon Grahan Risk Manager (www.gordongraham.com)